who is ellopudge?

Welcome to the world of little pudge!
My name is Paige, a comic artist based in Southern California.
I started doodling on Instagram a few years ago as a hobby and slowly but surely grew 'ellopudge' into a family of 100K + followers. Pudge is a reflection of me and my life - good coffee, a cozy nook, and relatable introvert life happenings are a few of the many themes in my doodles.
Soon after I started an online store where I sell stickers, pins, and prints. It's one of my favorite parts of being an artist. Seeing cute lil pudge stickers in Asia and Europe gives me an irreplaceable feeling of community and support from all over the world.
Shortly after I began taking on customized digital drawings - another way for me to connect and give back to my amazing community. Since then, I've come out with a monthly newsletter and started partnering with companies to create even more adorable pudge items to share with the world.
I hope you find something to make you smile while you're here.